On 9th July, Jen, Jeremy and I joined colleagues at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to run our first workshop exploring young people’s experience of an ARTIST ROOMS exhibition.

Our primary objective was to see how the principles underpinning Artcasting (particularly around the relationship between artwork, memory and place) might play out within the context of the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. We also thought it important to reflect on the digital and mobile element of Artcasting so the workshop provided an opportunity to think about the functionality of popular mobile applications used by our group of young people.

We used arts-based activities, a voice-recorded ‘thinking aloud’ exercise (while in the gallery) and group discussion to meet these objectives.

Workshop drawing by Francesco Passiatore

What next? We discussed the workshop at our team meeting (another ‘deep day’) on 15th July, concluding that the activities did support the notion that people establish connections between artwork, place and memory easily. We also thought about our use of arts-based activities, querying whether it would be useful (and interesting) to write a journal article exploring how our group of young people responded to these tasks. This first workshop will inform our next (Bowes Museum and Art Gallery, late August) with Chris B continuing to develop our initial ideas into a mobile form of evaluation we can begin to play with then.

Thank you(!) to Christopher Ganley and Damien McGlynn and National Galleries of Scotland for hosting our workshop and organising such wonderful access to the Lichtenstein exhibition. Thanks especially to Sally, Lucy, Anna, Megan and Francesco (our group of young people) for their time and enthusiasm.