Having spent a little over a full month as part of the artcasting team, the timing is ideal for the first of a number of blogs from me as the lead developer. We can, and have, started to move past the stage of a crisp blank canvas, pinning down certain expectations and goals for what our digital intervention might look like. This is likely to be manifested in the form of a mobile application, with the possibility of including some physical artefacts (like iBeacon technology) in the gallery spaces.

Estimote iBeacon diagram
iBeacons were largely conceived of for advertising, but can be used as a crude indoor form of GPS


Around half of my attention to date has been on installing and tweaking this website with our magnificent designer Sigrid. There are still a few tiny bits and pieces that I would like to adjust, but on the whole I’m really pleased with what we’ve produced to represent the artcasting team and project partners.  We’ll work hard over the coming months to produce something worth showing off!

For the moment, I’m producing experiments and prototypes to assist our design process. These unstyled, simple apps are used to inform rather than necessarily impress.  Much of the optics and user experience attached to the prototypes may not make it into our final product, but much of the code can be dropped almost straight in to other contexts as the project develops.

The team out in Edinburgh on our first test
The team out in Edinburgh on our first test


So far we’ve tried location services using HTML5 Geolocation. For a number of reasons I doubt that we’ll continue with this strand.  While the trial was informative we found the unreliable updating across different devices obstructive.  Going forward I’ll be using Apple iOS with the Swift language, which will allow us test adequately in the short term while deciding whether a twin solution for the Android platform is necessary further down the line.