The Cultural Heritage, Digital Engagement and Visitor Experience seminar took place on 25 May at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was jointly organised by the Artcasting project team, the National Galleries of Scotland and ARTIST ROOMS, and was a great success.

The event kicked off with a welcome from Christopher Ganley, Digital Content & Design Manager, National Galleries of Scotland. Three talks followed:

Digital Engagement, Visitor Generated Content and Radical Trust: Visitor voices, moderation and social interpretation. Claire Bailey-Ross, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Durham University.

Artcasting, digital engagement and blurring boundaries of gallery spaces. Jeremy Knox and Jen Ross, Digital Education, University of Edinburgh.

Integrating digital engagement in the galleries: process, framework and outcomes. Silvia Filippini Fantoni, Director of Interpretation, Media and Evaluation at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


There’s lots we could say, but maybe best to let participants speak for themselves! Here is a Storify collection of tweets and activity from the day.