On Friday 25 September venues all across Scotland are hosting ‘Explorathon‘ events as part of European Researchers’ Night. We’re delighted to be pairing up with the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh for a special Artcasting event. This fun, hands-on event in the ARTIST ROOMS: Roy Lichtenstein exhibition will make you think about your own responses to art, help shape the research project, and give you some insight into how mobile apps are designed.

Date: Friday 25 September

Time: drop in any time between 4-7pm

Location: Modern One, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 75 Belford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3DR

Bring: a smartphone or tablet if you have one. We’ll email you a day or two before the event to invite you to download the test artcasting app for your device.

Sign up here: http://edin.ac/1UOPBpJ

We hope to see you there!

What is artcasting?

Artcasting is a digital, mobile way for visitors to explore their response to artworks. It aims to spark connections between art and place, and in doing so to help galleries understand how visitors have engaged with exhibitions. You choose a location for an artwork to be ‘cast’ to, and the artcasting app will digitally send it there, along with your story about why you’ve connected the artwork with that place. In the Explorathon session, artcasts will be represented on a digital map, but the final platform will allow them to be encountered in the world, using geofences and the artcasting app. Read more about artcasting and the project.