Artcasting at the Edinburgh Art Festival

The project team is proud to launch a new version of artcasting for the Edinburgh Art Festival. The app has been a collaboration with the Festival over the past three months, and its purpose is to support visitors to engage with the theme of this year’s Festival Commissions programme – ‘more lasting than bronze’ – which explores the idea of the monument:

our cities are filled with monuments (bronze or otherwise), many of which have long since become ‘part of the furniture’, their original power and significance invisible to contemporary audiences… Featuring new work by 7 artists working in Scotland and internationally, More Lasting than Bronze explores what or how we choose to publicly commemorate, through a diverse series of interventions and propositions, whether exploring new forms of monument, or reflecting on those things which we choose to forget (or forget to remember). (Commissions overview, 2016)

Artcasting offers visitors a way to relocate and reimagine the locations and times of the artworks in the commissions programme, and also to upload and cast their own monument – a brand new feature for the app, developed especially for the Festival.

The Edinburgh Art Festival runs until 28 August 2016. Download the artcasting app and try it out for yourself!