Artcasting, one year on

The Artcasting team met up recently with a number of colleagues who have been helping us think about possible futures for the ideas and insights generated during the project. Here is a summary of the key topics of discussion. Artcasting helped highlight the extent to which measuring impact and engagement is stuck in some particularly […]

ArtCasting: Where does it take you?

first posted at, 26 November 2016 In 1991, during my undergraduate Fine Art degree at Brighton Polytechnic I was part of a small three-person show entitled ‘Common Ground’. Along with Esther Lane, Ed Harper we set up a small show in the foyer of the Grand Parade site for what I recall was a chance […]

design futures for artcasting

In March 2016, I presented artcasting at the creative circles meetup at Codebase (an Edinburgh-based technology incubator), and spoke to developers and other attendees about alternative models for artcasting. Through a series of conversations with members of tech start-ups, I highlighted the technical principles of the application, and used its current manifestation as an instance of […]

Artcasting project key findings

The Artcasting project’s findings have been published in the form of an end-of-project report. Artcasting was an AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project which took place over 14 months, from May 2015-June 2016. It brought together expertise in digital education and learning, arts evaluation, and design informatics, and was conducted in partnership with ARTIST ROOMS, National Galleries of Scotland and […]

Artcasting at the Edinburgh Art Festival

The project team is proud to launch a new version of artcasting for the Edinburgh Art Festival. The app has been a collaboration with the Festival over the past three months, and its purpose is to support visitors to engage with the theme of this year’s Festival Commissions programme – ‘more lasting than bronze’ – which […]

An Artcasting Dialectogram – reflections from the artist

This guest post was written by Mitch Miller, the artist who created the Artcasting Dialectogram Dialectograms are graphic artworks that illustrate urban places and spaces, made in close collaboration with their inhabitants. The illustration we create is a mashup of maps, schematics, anthropology and comic strips to show the social, as well as the physical architecture […]

Exploring co-production and hospitality at the Critical Heritage Studies conference in Montreal

I was really happy to have a paper accepted for the ‘Co-Production in Heritage: Towards New Imaginaries’ theme at the Critical Heritage Studies conference in Montreal in June 2016. The range of papers and approaches was really exciting, spanning topics including wellbeing, ‘mashups’ as a form of digital democracy, and the concept of engagement zones for addressing inter-community […]

Metaphors of evaluation

Early on in the artcasting project I conducted interviews with a range of stakeholders involved in evaluation within museum and gallery settings. In order to inform the development of artcasting it was important to understand how evaluation was experienced and perceived by those involved in the process. Nine interviews were conducted representing delivery (4), operational […]

Cultural Heritage, Digital Engagement and Visitor Experience Seminar

The Cultural Heritage, Digital Engagement and Visitor Experience seminar took place on 25 May at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It was jointly organised by the Artcasting project team, the National Galleries of Scotland and ARTIST ROOMS, and was a great success. The event kicked off with a welcome from Christopher Ganley, Digital Content & Design Manager, […]

Museums and the Web 2016

  Surveillance, material openings, and subversive movements. It was a real pleasure to hear Cory Doctorow’s keynote at Museums and the Web at the Biltmore Millennium Hotel in downtown Los Angeles earlier this month. The themes of the talk, probably unsurprising to those aware of Doctorow’s work, were surveillance, data capture and privacy, framed within […]