New Approaches to evaluating engagement with art

It is hard to measure the most important things that educators and stakeholders want to know about art-based learning and engagement. Engagement, inspiration and a sense of ownership and belonging are high priorities for museums and galleries, but methods for evaluating them often lack a sense of the richness of participants’ experience. We need new approaches for evaluating engagement, and the Artcasting project designed and tested such an approach.

The Artcasting project was a collaboration between Digital Education and Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Working together with the National Galleries of Scotland, Tate, and the ARTIST ROOMS Research Partnership, the project team developed a new digital and mobile form of evaluation of arts-based engagement, in the context of ARTIST ROOMS On Tour. Learn more about artcasting and the ideas behind it.

Along with developing and testing artcasting, the project engaged with the cultural heritage education community to share and generate ideas about evaluation, digital engagement and learning.

Information about the project and its findings is available in the end of project executive summary and report.